It's our job to make sure you never have to think about having your scrap tires removed. Our clients enjoy frequent collection service (often multiple stops per week). Remarkably better service + cost savings...why use anyone else?


We're at our best when we are taking care of our clients on a regularly scheduled route - but we understand that sometimes there is a need for a special clean-up of used tires. Call us for urgent scheduling and dedicated-trip pricing.

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General Questions:

The "End of Life" market for used tires is continuously evolving, for this reason our method of recycling scrap tires after pickup is constantly adapting and improving each time it does. The consistency that we like to convey in this process is that 100% of the waste tires that we collect are recycled, and not ending up in a ditch on the side of the road somewhere!

The lack of environmentally friendly operators is something that has plagued the tire disposal industry for decades - it’s one of the main reasons we got in to this business! At Tyrex we invest a LARGE amount of our time and resources in to ensuring that all elements of our business and its operations are completely eco-friendly and Department of Environmental Protection compliant. So you can rest assured that partnering with us is a choice to ensure you and your business are in the best footing possible when it comes to protecting yourself and our planet.

Of course! You can drop scrap tires off at any of our multiple recycling facilities. Just call (888) 558 1919 to schedule.

Our customers can opt for one of two service types:

Simply call us whenever you need a waste tire pick-up. We are typically able to get to you within 2 business days of a request, irrespective of quantity!

Or, we can automate a service based on your unique desires and requirements. We’re proud of the level of service we are able to offer our customers. We have those we visit every single day, some once every two months, and all in between. Wherever you may fall on this spectrum, be it once every 2 days, or once a week, you tell us and our advanced computer systems are going to make it happen. Few industry operators can deliver the high-end frequency with the consistency and dependability that we do.

Our pricing is unique to the customer’s situation. It is optimized depending on location, how many waste tires we will be picking up when we visit, how many waste tires you may be producing on a monthly basis, and how frequently you would like us to stop by. The one constant is that the only thing you can expect to pay is the cost per scrap tire collected - no added fees. Call us today for a quote on (888) 558 1919!

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