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The go-to for pulp and paper mills, electrical utilities, industrial boilers, and powerhouses in the cement industry, our expertly handled tire-derived fuel is celebrated for its ever-expanding list of benefits. From driving boiler efficiency to stamping out emissions, we're known as the leading TDF supplier in the region, nurturing the process from tire pick-up to TDF drop-off.


Where cost-efficiency meets sustainability, tire-derived aggregate offers a key resource for civil engineering projects, presenting unparalleled durability. Shunning toxin-heavy landfills in favor of supporting ever-evolving structures, we offer TDA for use within backfill, stone aggregate replacement, and septic systems, with our tires presenting a superior, environmentally responsible alternative to conventional fill.

Crushed Rims

A 'win' for those seeking environmentally friendly, budget-conscious aluminum and steel, we offer high-quality crushed rims for all purposes. Hitting the brakes on costly mining, our recycled resources can be utilized across communities, from revamping pipes and train tracks to putting an industrial stamp on your d├ęcor options.

OTR tires

From pocket-sized home-gyms to sprawling fitness centers, our off-the-road tires are a must-have for workout facilities everywhere, introducing a greener way to train. Representing the gold standard of sustainable fitness solutions, each tire is meticulously cleaned, conditioned, and inspected before making its way into the hands of goal-getters across the nation.

Tire bead (high carbon steel)

Lauded for its unmatched flexibility, strength, and wear-resistance, our multifaceted tire bead wire represents a green source of high-carbon steel, bringing new realms of sustainability to your operations. From bridges, ball bearings, and bolts to airplane components, our tire bead wires boast a minimum of 0.60% carbon, with our commitment to excellence weaved through the full A-to-Z.

Truck tire sidewalls

Partnering with some of the region's leading construction firms, we hand over exceptional quality, hand-vetted truck tire sidewalls for use within projects of all scopes. Whether you're seeking an eco-friendly traffic barrel weight or ultra-durable, weatherproof silage protection, our recycled tires add a sustainable touch, balancing output with ethics.