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Responsibly Re-purpose

More than a transformation from tire to table, rubber has the advantage of being an incredibly durable, weather-proof, and versatile material; A winner for those outdoor escapades, interiors antics, and wardrobe re-freshers. We're not just talking hard-wearing sandboxes and swings – from unique planters with a lick of paint and a new home for your furry friend to one-of-a-kind sandals and even outdoor furniture to act as the ultimate conversation-starter, the opportunities for disused tires are endless.

The most commonly seen re-purposing of tires is undoubtedly flooring...

Not content with just adding a sprinkle of quirkiness into your home environment, tires are incredibly useful away from their position under your vehicle. Packed with practical materials such as steel, fiber, and nylon, industries including construction, solar, and food processing can all benefit from your decision to recycle your tires. Additionally, tire-derived fuel offers the advantage of energy efficiency, reducing climate-changing emissions, thus unlocking guilt-free journeys.

The most commonly seen re-purposing of tires is undoubtedly flooring. Offering an unrivaled level of grip, spaces including children's playgrounds, sports facilities, railroads, and even landfills are all benefitting from the durability that tires provide. From water-proof crumb rubber providing a supportive foundation to chipped tire landfill liners helping stop toxins reaching our soils, as well as skid-proof rubberized asphalt used as pavements, re-purposing is a sustainability savior, combatting the A-to-Z of environmental concerns, namely greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and environmental contaminants.

key features
  • Recycled rubber is durable, weather-proof, and versatile.
  • Recycled rubber can be used for many things including outdoor furniture to footwear.
  • Be responsible, choose to recycle your tires.
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