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Turning Old Tires into New Ideas

An incredibly versatile blend of materials, tires have an endless list of future identities. From the practical to the innovative, the durable nature of tires makes them an attractive candidate for re-purposing. A sustainable resource, creating future-proof items while helping you slash costs, it's a triple threat!

Working hand-in-hand with a multitude of industries, tire recycling plays a role in the long-term health of planet Earth. A practical solution to climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, and water wastage, whether that's bike stands from halved tires, playground pavements from crumb rubber, or landfill liners from chipped tires, each recycled tire provides a sustainable answer to our needs. With 197 million scrap tires recycled or re-purposed annually, the looming environmental era is paving the way for a greener tomorrow.

A sustainable resource, creating future-proof items while helping you slash costs...

In a trailblazing age where green is good and longevity beats disposability, we are welcoming a new generation of sustainable products. Creating rustic planters without the cost and state-of-the-art mats that last, as well as ultra-edgy bags and sturdy footwear, our homes, gardens, outfits, and even daily lives can benefit from the tires that would otherwise spend the next century creating eyesore landfills. Innovative solutions with lasting results!

key features
  • 197 million scrap tires recycled annually
  • Rubber is durable and long-lasting, making it great for re-purposing.
  • Minimize pollution by recycling tires.
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