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Stop Dangerous Fires Before They Start

Notably difficult to extinguish, a readiness for reigniting, and brimming with materials that become harmful when burned, tire fires are exceptionally difficult to combat. When improperly disposed of, tires are often placed side-by-side with flammable materials, with catastrophic consequences. With pollution released into the atmosphere, tire fires can contaminate the water supply in the region, namely potentially fatal sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

...the synthetic and natural rubber combination can result in fires that burn for years...

A result of extreme weather conditions, as well as arson, the synthetic and natural rubber combination can result in fires that burn for years. While specialist equipment may be able to control the fire – albeit while contaminating the soil – the inside of the tire often smolders, resulting in fires that reignite unexpectedly. If left, the environment will impact from the thick, black smoke emitted into the atmosphere, causing an aggravation in health problems, impacts on wildlife, and long-term effects to the water supply.

For every million tires consumed by fire, about 55,000 gallons of runoff oil can pollute the environment.

key features
  • Tire Fires are hard to put out.
  • Putting out tire fires causes local soil contamination.
  • Pollution from tire fires can result in potentially fatal conditions.
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