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The Future of Tires

Spearheading a vast range of transformative solutions, properly recycled tires ensure a new lease of life, providing practical items in the plenty. Offering the ultimate golden trio; durable, versatile, and readily available, used tires are transforming a range of spaces, from the construction realm to the roads we frequent daily.

Utilized since the 1960s, tires are used in asphalt binder as part of a performance-enhancing initiative, improving the road surface, enhancing the durability of the highway, and reducing the volume from tire-asphalt friction. With an almost endless supply, roads across the US can benefit from a dependable, sustainable answer to their road-improvement plans, while playing a role in keeping the planet green.

Tires are used in roadways, for performance enhancing

Similarly, sports facilities across the nation are benefiting from ultra-robust tires lining their perimeters. Produced in the form of crumb rubber, athletes will notice a marked difference in the surface of their arenas, with used tires creating a gentle cushioning to help avoid shin-splints and joint pain. An exceptionally reliable all-weather material, crumb rubber is known as a quick-drying, easily-draining, anti-freezing option, all while remaining sustainable.

Tire rubber used in sports provides softer ground

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the biggest use of used tires is TDF, or tire-derived fuel, with 130 million tires turned into fuel each year. A 2009 report by Rubber Manufacturers Association found that TDF is '8% cleaner and more economical alternative to coal', with 41% of the fuel used for the cement industry, with the rest distributed between pulp and paper mills, electric utilities, and industrial boilers. Targeting the A-to-Z of fuel-using industries, tires are reducing the demand for climate-hurting fossil fuels, with the share declining from 94% in 1966 to 80% in 2019

key features
  • Tires used as asphalt binders.
  • Keep the planet green.
  • Crumb Rubber for sports facilities.
  • Tire recycling reduces the use of fossil fuels.
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